The history of the guild

The guild was initially born as a sisterhood, a gentlemen brotherhood of the Holy Christ of the Victory  which  appeared to give a continuity to the society of the Blessed Sacrament, Saint  Christ of the Victory and Souls of  Vigo, emerged  to render cult to the devotions which were more held to the city and whose original statutes were approved on March 14, 1933 by the bishop Tui D. Antonio García García. Since the very first moment it was established in the Santa Maria church.

The first meeting was held in May 1933 under the presidency of the Spiritual Director D. Faustino Ande,  with the purpose of letting know the statutes and appoint the charges of the Managerial Junta. Thus,  D. Tomás Santero Villavicencio would occupy the position of Eldest Brother, Eldest Brother;  D. Eduardo Autran, manager of the household (Marquis  Esteban de las Delicias); D. Vicente Flórez  would be the treasurer; D. Pedro Veiga  would be the accountant; and D. Manuel Estévez would be the 1st secretary  and D. Ramón Varela would be the 2nd secretary; D. Crisanto Gómez and  D. Víctor Míguez  would be the Representatives of Homestead ; D. Casto Méndez Núñez (Marqués de Méndez Núñez), D. Alberto Oya (Marqués de Casas Novas), D. Ángel Donesteve (Vizconde de Pegullal) and D. Mariano Carsi would be other representatives.

Its purposes (art. 2 of the statutes) would be the sanctification of brothers for the practice of religious duties and Christian virtues to promote the devotion to the holy Christ of the Victory and intensify the cult to the honored image.
It was initially composed by 139 brothers and 59 candidates, not having women the right to be registered. Nevertheless, in 1936, the bishop proposed to transform the Brotherhood in a Guild where women could have a place without invalidating the existing organization, not having the right to take any managerial post. On one hand, there would be the Brotherhood of gentlemen and on the other the Sisterhood of Ladies whose statutes were approved in 1953 as an appendix of the necessary bylaw for this new institution.

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