The Anthem

It was written in July, 1922

With accents of glowing love
Let us intone an unsurpassed anthem
To the Holy Christ of Vigo
Who is the King of this immortal town
Heaves and earth
Sing the glory
Of the Holy Christ
Of the Victory
Vigo rises the serene forehead
And watch your Christ in the Cross
And will see how he wraps this people
flows of love and light
Heavens and earth

The Holy Christ is the wall
Who defends the nobly city
There is no power though prodigious
That he dare to knock at the doors
Heavens and earth

That the glint ejected by the eyes
Like the ray that embraces the grains
To the traitor that blemishes his people
Becomes cinder at his feet
Heavens and earth

Vigo returns, humble and overcame
To the faith which shined in your parents
Thus, the homeland saved her
And the Holy Christ triumphed
Heavens and earth

Houses, goods, life
Of this nobly city and the honor
Which is the work of the Galician people
The Holy Christ saved

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