The Image

There are few data about the image original characteristics.

Little by little it has been darkening by one side for it was not cared
properly, but on the other side, the smoke of the candles which burn
inside of Santa Maria temple. Thus, it is not permitted today to
introduce candles inside the auditorium.

30 years ago, in 1980 procession, there was a deterioration of the
image painting as well as a smash in one of the fingers of the hand so
it was decided to restore it. The report issued after the restoration
by the Rafael and Ricardo San Marcial workshops, it is also admitted
that the image has also a foot toe damaged.

Some years later, in 1995, Pontevedra Museum Restoration workshop
proceeds to a full cleaning of the image. The current vicar of la
Colegiata, D. Moisés Alonso Valverde got in charge of the restoration
of a workshop in Madrid later for the image to recover its original
aspect. The works lasted two months.

The current image has a classic-realism outline in poplar wood in oil
painting. It has a cloth of fineness tied at the left side by a tight
cord. The needles are of steel and alpaca and the Christ is with the
right foot over the left one. The hair is dark, colored between grey
and purple, combed backwards and with a tuft which falls over the right
shoulder where the head is inclined.

The ribs are clearly seen in the trunk and the lower limbs are slightly
cambial to one side. According to the studies carried out and the
reforms of the upper limbs, we could say it is a descent of a Christ,
that is, the image that would be used in the Holy Week to be
introduced in a sepulchral and urn and taken to procession, and such
extremities would be in a more horizontal position.

Woman at Christ Of Vigo Procession

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